Our achievements

The customer “demands” an installation that will increase the overall cold production capacity. He wants a very quiet installation with no legionella risk, low water consumption, low poxer consumption and easy maintenance.

Jacir offers 3 TOPAZ NEO adiabatic chillers with low-noise propellers, each capable of evacuating 1510kW, for a total capacity of 4530kW to meet the increased cooling capacity.

The adiabatic cooling tower systems are not subject to the 2921 regulation, as the water used is not dispersed into the air. The closed circuit of the chiller works by humidifying the media by gravity: a pump collects the water at the bottom of the media and returns it to the closed circuit.

This adiabatic system is totally safe for the air conditioning of a hospital.

The hospital chose to renew the contract with JACIR to add new closed cooling towers for the following reasons:
  • The complete satisfaction of the maintenance teams on the equipment sold during the 1ʳᵉ phase in 2004,
  • The best ratio of evacuated power to floor area,
  • The best acoustic treatments, baffles at the intake, at the blowing and skin lining of the tower body making them almost inaudible,
  • Durability: stainless steel tower casings,
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the numerous accesses on the tower bodies and in the exchanger rooms.

Proposed products: KSFHIM type hybrid closed towers with ICVK “custom” acoustic treatment