Our achievements

The head office of a mutual insurance company wanted to improve the performance of its refrigeration system for the air conditioning of both its offices and its computer server room.


During heatwaves, the operator was obliged to water its chillers in order to maintain the cold water temperatures for the building’s air conditioning.

JACIR solution:
  • The BoostCooler adiabatic system retrofitted to the chiller allowed the outside air temperature to be reduced by 7°C. Indeed, if the outside air is at 35°C, once it has passed through our system, the air comse out at 28°C just before coming into contact with the exchange surfaces.
  • The BoostCooler’s water recirculation system thus ensures optimised water consumption during the timed humidification of the media. In other words, the only water used is the water evaporated during adiabatic operation.
  • The reliability of the BoostCooler system avoids the deposit of scale on the exchange surfaces, as it was previously the case with direct watering.