Our achievements

RH cooling tower, in order to cool water in the metallurgical sector

In 2004, JACIR provided a suitable solution for cooling particularly heavy water from a metal shot manufacturing process.

In 2008, on the same site, the JACIR towers with extractable inner body were again chosen to replace old towers.

Located above the settling basin, this ingenious system makes it possible to clean the internals, once a year, by simply lifting the exchange body and its water distribution from the top of the towers.

48 hours are enough to remove 5 tons of deposit per tower, while the other 2 towers continue to operate.

A renowned industrialist in the metallurgy sector with very heavy process waters chose JACIR, seduced by the X-TRACT solution.

The reasons for this choice:
  • Towers equipped with “braking” type exchange bodies specially adapted for cooling highly charged water (> 400ppm).
  • Possible extraction in one go of exchange bodies “JACIR X-TRACT patent”
  • Blowing axial fan units controlled by speed variation, thus obtaining the lowest electrical consumption (EEC eligible).
  • Easier to operate: Extractable exchange bodies located above the settling basin, extraction in a simple lifting of the exchange body and its water distribution via the top of the towers.
  • Low frequency and speed of cleaning: 48 hours, once a year, is enough to remove 5 tonnes of deposit per tower, while the other towers provide cooling without stopping production.

Products: RH-type open helicoidal blowing towers with large capacity “tailor-made” basin and X-TRACT extractable exchange body.