Our achievements

An industrial client in the metallurgy sector trusted JACIR for health security and optimisation of the lowest water temperatures in its cooling network.

The motivations:
  • Optimisation of closed-circuit cooling in order to control the temperature of discharge water (saturated with pollution with high temperatures in summer) guaranteeing water at 26°C all year round without service interruptions, i.e. 100% availability,
  • Performance guaranteed thanks to the combination of packing and plate heat exchangers,
  • Totally cleanable towers,
  • Filtration and exchangers adapted to the quality of the water, whether heavy water or containing suspended solids.

The client’s goal was to dispense with natural cooling by the pond and have cold water at 26°C all year round without any service interruptions, i.e. 100% availability.

  • Fully cleanable plate heat exchangers for guaranteed performance for life.
  • Durability of the investment thanks to X-STEEL stainless-steel casing for more than 20 years

Products: 6 stainless-steel KXHF JACIR closed circuit cooling towers with plate heat exchangers.