Our achievements

A pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to ensure the performance and operation of its 30+ year old towers.

  • Ageing cooling tower casing created leaking problems,
  • Mandatory draining of the common basin for maintenance: approx. 150m3,
  • Difficulties to access the cooling tower internals for inspection and/or maintenance,
  • Desire to reduce intervention times during annual maintenance because of very short shutdowns.
JACIR solutions:
  • Replacement of the cooling towers casing to extend their longevity,
  • Addition of full height access door to the internals to ease maintenance, enabling the reduction of the intervention time and to shorten the overall maintenance cost,
  • Replacement of the heat exchanger in order to secure the thermal performance,
  • Replacement of the motor-fan unit in order to prevent the risk of wear or breakage of parts and reduce energy consumption.