Our achievements

Paris 2012: One of the main players in urban cooling asked JACIR for a “tailor-made” development of its new park of open towers

Its goal was to evacuate a maximum of rejection power with all the tertiary constraints encountered in urban areas.

That is to say, to maximize its cooling power in a limited space, with control of the legionella risk, a limited installation surface and height, a very low cold water temperature and a drastic noise restriction for an installation in an urban environment.

The reasons for this choice:
  • “Tailor-made” development of 10 open towers,
  • The best ratio of rejection power and available space within the constraints of the site,
  • Durability: stainless-steel casing of the towers,
  • Ease of operation: multiple accesses for maintenance defined with the site operator,
  • Permanent magnet fan units (lowest electrical consumption) directly coupled to a low speed axial fan: the assembly provides maximum energy efficiency as well as additional air pressure drops for the installation of acoustic treatment of the most efficient.

Products: 10 KXSIM hybrid open circuit cooling towers anti-plume on common concrete basin