Open hybrid cooling tower for HVAC district cooling

Paris 2012 :
The customer needs to increase the site’s cooling capacity. The customer wants a good control of Legionella risk. The installation space and the height on site were very limited. Very low temperature of cold water was required with a drastic sound restriction due to installation down-town.
Jacir has delivered 10 KXSI Open hybrid towers that meet the needs :
- X-Steel stainless steel casing for durability.
- Taylor made building dimensions.
- Multiple and large access for maintenance.
- Fan unit equipped with permanent magnet motors (specially developed to minimize the energy consumption: above directive ERP 2015- IE3 and IE4 close to the yield) directly coupled to a propeller fan at low speed, the overall provides energy efficiency and optimized acoustics. The fan motor coupling is direct, maintenance-free transmission.