Our achievements

A key player in the glass industry in Qatar called on JACIR to meet specific cooling needs.

JACIR solution:

JACIR provided:

  • 6 SXF closed circuit cooling towers composed of a specific filtration box, at the ventilation level, adapted to the desert environment,
  • 2 RXC open circuit cooling towers equipped with the patented X-STREAM exchange surface, self-cleaning, allowing excellent heat exchange without clogging, despite heavy-duty water.
Advantages for the client:
  • X-STEEL stainless-steel resistant to a very corrosive environment to ensure the longevity of the device,
  • Closed cooling towers with stainless-steel plate heat exchangers guaranteeing long-term performance,
  • Easy maintenance of the installation,
  • Centrifugal ventilation controlled by frequency variator to limit electricity consumption and noise level for the comfort of factory employees.