Our achievements

With the support of our local partner KLIMATEKNIK, a leader in metallurgy in Turkey called on JACIR expertise to equip two production sites.

Customer needs:

Given the water stress that Turkey is experiencing, the client was primarily looking to generate water savings.

The objective of the installation was to cool a network of chillers as well as process water.

JACIR Solutions:

JACIR was able to offer:

  • 14 TOPAZ NEO adiabatic coolers for the first production site in Istanbul
  • 5 TOPAZ NEO adiabatic coolers for the second production site in Istanbul

What made the difference?

  • Easy maintenance thanks to full access to the internals of the device
  • No water treatment necessary
  • Technology equipped with EC motors allowing significant savings in electrical consumption, without a frequency variator required

Even today, JACIR participates in its client’s new projects and provides installation-related services.