Accessibility and maintenance

Accessibility and maintenance: a design for easy maintenance accessibility to fight against bacteria

Fully involved in the customer’s needs and in advance on legislation, Jacir has always been improving the products to ease operation and maintenance.

  • Visual access
  • Full access to all internals for complete removal and cleaning.

VAP : large opening doors on the whole height to access to all internals of the cooling tower.

RCM AF : Double levels walkway and sliding door over the height of the cooling tower, handles for removing drifts eliminators, access to motor fan at breast height easy and secure, possibility to go inside once infill has been removed.

Metallic cooling towers ranges KS KH ATM.

Water distribution access

Large rectangular doors giving access to all cooling tower components.

Access to the exchanger room by door for maintenance.

Full access to the basin and its components.

Accessibility to the internals by a single craning for the maintenance: X-TRACT system, Jacir patent filed.

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