X-STEEL stainless steel

X-STEEL stainless steel: anticorrosive and long lasting


Strong of its experience and listening customer needs for more than 60 years, Jacir noticed that the traditional coating of sheet steel remain very often ineffective against the corrosion in the term.

Whatever made of epoxy or galvanization, and whatever is the thickness and the possible protection, the cover has very strong constraints chemical (water treatment) and mechanics (knocks and stripes, cleaning…).
and the corrosion is a privileged food of bacteria legionella and thus presents a risk of proliferation.

So, for the same reasons as agro food industry, Jacir Air recommends systematic use of x-steel stainless steel.

X-STEEL stainless steel benefits:.

  • - Mechanical resistance
  • - Chemical resistance superior to 316L one
  • - Very smooth surface, avoiding biofilm growth
  • - Galvanisation suppression

As we can see on this picture, there is no welding and no screws of panel’s assembly for parts in contact with water.

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