Adiabatic Condenser ONYX

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Power : 200 - 1600 kW




    Cold chain securing : while significantly reducing the consumption of water and power, eliminating chemical treatment and reducing the demanding maintenance usually encountered in evaporative systems, the ONYX condenser presents minimal operating costs, fully controlled health risk, and a major step towards an ever more environmentally friendly technology


  • The ONYX adiabatic condenser is a heat exchanger designed for NH3 refrigerant fluid as standard. Calories are discharged into the atmosphere. When climatic conditions begin to change, this heat exchanger uses water evaporation. Indeed, in complete safety and without needing any water treatment, it discharges calories in order to condense the gas at a lower temperature than the ambient air.
  • The ONYX adiabatic condenser is the result of the combination of a dry condenser and an adiabatic pre-cooling section: this pre-cooling section lowers the ambient air temperature by evaporating water which passes through humidifying pads (Medias), specially designed for this purpose.
  • ONYX adiabatic condenser is also available in an HYBRID version allowing the same equipment to discharge calories from the water cooling circuit and the chiller compressor.

  • Applications

    • All industries
    • Agro-food industries
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