Efficiency and power

Adiabatic Cooler : more power with energy saving

The coupling system of motor to fan (belts and gear box) requires a drastic care for the good cooling of a process, particularly if they are located in the wet airflow.
The elimination of these critical parts decreases costs and maintenance operations while securing the reliability of the equipment.

Replacement of gear box or belts by a permanent‐magnet motor reduces significantly maintenance costs and handling operations.

Besides, this new generation of motors coupled with their frequency converters guarantees a much higher efficiency compared with asynchronous motors (minimum 3 %).

Evaporative cooling remains the most ecological and economical technology: offering high-energy performance and competitiveness whilst respecting the Environment.

Totally dedicated to customers’ requirements and ahead of Legislation, Jacir has has perpetually improved its products to ease operation and maintenance equipment.

  • Improving thermal performances: Water flow, power, cold temperature
  • Adapting equipment to comply with new environmental standards:
    - Noise abatement
    - Plume suppression
    - Water Treatment
    - Drift losses - Accessibility enhancement for maintenance
    - Switch from open to closed-circuit cooling tower
  • New generation component installation
  • Water–saving of up to 80%, drain and evaporation management
    - Supply and installation of Automatic Inductive Blow-Down: Effective, autonomous, maintenance-free, kit ready to link.
    - Addition of a plume suppression coil: dry mode operation possible during winter

Noise abatement

Installation of sound baffles on both air inlets and outlets - Design based on requirements

Noise abatement air inlets and outlets
Fan casing

New wide access

Installation of new adapted access doors and hatches for full access to internal components.

On ATM/CRF series large access door: 1 door per module
Large hatch for easy exchange surface removal on stainless steel tower
Large access door for VAP towers

  • Easy cleaning or replacement of packing, water distribution and drift eliminators
  • Full access

Large sliding door for polyester RCM AF tower range:


Direct access to gear, motor, drift eliminators
Direct access to packing and sprayers, walkway under the packing for full access inside the tower in total safety

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