Evaporative cooling remains the most ecological and economical technology: high energy performance and competitiveness.

For more than 50 years, Jacir has combined the expertise acquired in aeraulics, thermo-dynamics and in construction materials to offer an extremely diversified range of cooling towers to the market. Our products, ahead of market environmental standards, integrate noise requirements, different ventilation needs, materials and packing adapted to each application, whether industrial or in buildings. In addition, most of our range is scalable and can subsequently be fitted with plume suppression and water-saving systems or soundproofing. Beyond a full range of systems made in France, Jacir offers full support and maintenance services for its products.

Prestigious references:PSA, Nestlé, Louis Vuitton, Danone, etc.

The choice of equipment is made only after a personalized study, on the specific requirements of each application, has been carried out. Tower packing and casing are rigorously selected in accordance with the cooling process, water quality and operating conditions. Axial fan is encouraged for its low power consumption, and centrifugal ventilation, for its silence.

Testimonial on permanent magnet motors

"This technology of motors directly coupled to the propeller (thus eliminating the need for a reduction gearbox) met our requirements in every points: less energy-consuming motors and much more precise in the airflow control.
It was the perfect solution to our mechanical problems and to our recurrent maintenance and control interventions. »

Gerard Dandeville
CDGL Operational Unit
Maintenance Manager

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Speed drive for Jacir cooling

“For me the efficiency of the fan's frequency drive of our JACIR cooling towers is not to be proved anymore: real power savings are easily achieved and measurable by the CTM.
By Operating 24 hours a day all the data are available in real-time, and I can get all the consumption curves needed.
I could analyze that on the same period in same conditions, the motors operates at 10Hz instead of 30 and/or 50Hz before, in respectively low and high speeds.
The other benefit -more difficult to quantify is the slow down of the mechanical wear. Thanks to the frequency drive, I could note a longer lasting of consumables, which results in savings both of spare parts and manpower.
One additional benefit is that the requested cold temperature remains equal, with a precision of tenth of a degree.
I'm very satisfied with this solution for our cooling towers. ”
Responsable exploitation,

We have been seduced...

“We were won over by JACIR’s technology when we visited a site where they had installed cooling towers. We appreciated the equipment manufacturing quality, and more particularly, the design that mainly focused on operating easiness: Easy access for cleaning and maintenance, plate exchanger in an adjacent maintenance room, X-STEEL stainless steel, which is excellent for fighting the proliferation of Legionella. In addition, we were able to remain in a softened water environment, thanks to an adapted water treatment, and the results of Legionella research for us this year were excellent”.Mr VERNAY – Head of Operations, Cochonou, Saint Symphorien sur coise.

I particularly appreciated reactivity...

“I really appreciated the responsiveness of Jacir, who was able to grasp the extent of our issues, propose solutions adapted to our requirements and ensure delivery in record-breaking time”
Mr SZOKOLA, Head of Sugar Mill / Dehydration Operations - Cristal Union, Corbeil en Gatinais

The more efficient..

« Our packaging carton manufacturing process needs a waste water cooling system.
After years of trying different technologies, we realised that JACIR cooling towers are long lasting quality, furthermore manufactured in France and more efficient. We therefore regret we did not tried before ! »
Mr Jean Noten, Directeur Technique
Cascades La Rochette

Helpfull advice and exhaustiveness of technical and connercial follow up were really well appreciated

"We already had Jacir cooling towers on site since 2004, well known over french cooling towers manufacturer. In charge of Minatec pole Utilities Service Department, the Site Supervisor wanted to renew its trust to Jacir for cold water production increase in 2015 : no temperatures drift, no rust thanks to stainless steel, and no failure till this day. We had a very restricted space on the roof to install the cooling towers, and we had to produce a maximum of cold water, the cooling towers have been selected with millimetre accuracy! Helpfull advice and exhaustiveness of technical and commercial follow up were really well appreciated."
Mr Jorge GOMEZ, Project Manager
Engie for Minatec - Grenoble, France

Jacir supplies the perfect solution

"Jacir delivered an adapted solution to cool a very dirty water for our tailing process manufcture last 2004. In 2008, in oder to replace our old cooling towers, we choose to triple the cooling towers with Jacir X-Tract solution. Located above our settling basin, this clever system allows us to clean the internals once a year, by a single and simple craning of the exchange surface with its water distribution over the top of the towers. 48 hours are enough to remove 5 tons of mud per day while the 2 others cooling towers are still Under operation"
Mr Richard Bana, Maintenance Manager
Winoa – Le Cheylas