Below you can find a summary of the EUROVENT benefits – CTI thermal performance certification for cooling towers and closed circuit coolers.

  • Owners and users: Thermal performance guarantee of the equipment at no additional cost. Installation of equipment that is rated and evaluated on equal terms enabling honest evaluation of competing offers on a level playing ground with a 100% thermal capacity return for the investment.
  • Government, EU regulators: Reliable independent basis for the efficiency evaluation of the energy using product. Full scale program accessible for all manufacturers in a global market.
  • Design engineers: Reliable standards to specify and avoid deficiencies attributed to the design of the cooling system. Similar as for the owner / end-user, thermal performance certification is a key decision making factor that guarantees honest comparison of suppliers at no additional cost for the owner / end-user.
  • Contractors: No costly call back due to capacity deficiencies. Exclusion of the capacity doubts for the certified components in case of cooling system under performance due to third party issues. Basic requirement to build relationships with trustworthy suppliers.
  • Cooling tower manufacturers: Honest competition based upon standards established by evaporative cooling experts resulting in faster product development and sustainable innovation.

Thermal performance certification is a basic element of a successful, sustainable design and offers significant benefits to all segments of the industry.


Thermal performance and efficiency

The cooling tower shall be capable of cooling ________ l/s of water from _______°C to ______ °C at a design entering air wet-bulb temperature of _______°C.

The thermal performance shall be ECC certified in accordance with ECC and CTI certification standards.

Equipment without ECC certification will be subject to a field or factory acceptance thermal performance test executed by a qualified independent third party testing agency in accordance with a recognized standard.

Cooling Tower DTC range : 2020 – Thermal performance certification renewal

Thermal Performance for Cooling Tower

June 2010, JACIR joined Eurovent certification group for cooling towers.
The objective was to certify Thermal performance of Jacir’s equipment.
Eurovent / CTI logo guarantees to consultants and owners / end-users that JACIR DTC range has been controlled and that announced thermal characteristics are in conformity with the relevant technical specifications.

Cooling Tower VAP range : 2020 - Thermal performance certification renewal

performances thermiques sur tour réfrigérante

Only corrosion resistant materials : FRP and stainless steel
Very compact, monobloc delivered for a simple quick installation on site : plug-and-play
One axial fan mounted directly onto the motor shaft : Long mechanical reliability
Large access door for easy and complete maintenance.

JACIR participates in the ECP programme for cooling towers performances.
Check ongoing validity of certificate: www.eurovent-certification.com and www.certiflash.com

Certified drift eliminators and coils

JACIR uses and supplies certified drift eliminators and coils for TOPAZ NEO range.

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