About Us


For more than 60 years, Jacir has been combining its expertise in aeraulics, thermo-dynamics and in construction materials to offer an extremely wide range of cooling towers. As such, our products, ahead of market environmental standards, integrate noise requirements, different ventilation needs, materials and packing adapted to each application whether industrial or buildings.

In addition, most of our range is scalable and can subsequently be fitted with plume suppression and water saving systems or sound-proofing.

Beyond a full range of systems made in France, Jacir offers full support and maintenance services for its products.

Why do we have a ladybird on our logo?


“Ladybirds love to eat other insects, especially aphids on rose bushes. Some gardeners and winemakers introduce ladybirds voluntarily into their production tool, rather than use insecticides, with the aim of preserving our planet.”

Evaporative cooling is still the most eco-friendly technology: high power performance and competitive.

The company's main strength is its staff. The achievement of each member of staff contributes greatly to the company's performances.

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